This is how the Google Images reverse search works

This is how the Google Images reverse search works

It became known in the past year that several parental control apps are one "Use powerful technology called Mobile Device Management (MDM)".

With the help of this procedure, the app providers were able to control the devices and view sensitive information such as the user location, the use of the apps, e-mail accounts and the browser history and also control the use of the camera.

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Hackers can also access data

Apple emphasized that there are legitimate uses for MDM. "Organizations sometimes install MDM on corporate devices to maintain greater control over proprietary data and hardware." However, it poses a great risk if a private, consumer-oriented app company takes MDM control over a customer’s device. MDM profiles could also be used by hackers to gain access for malicious purposes.

"Parents shouldn’t have to trade their fears about their children’s device usage for privacy and security risks, and the App Store shouldn’t be a platform to enforce that decision. No one except the parents should have full access to their child’s device management." The providers concerned were therefore given 30 days to convert the apps so that they no longer violate the guidelines of the app store. "Those who didn’t have been removed from the App Store."

Apple emphasizes security

Apple rejected the allegation of the app developers concerned that the iPhone group wanted to push back the providers of parental control software because Apple now offers its own system for monitoring user habits. "You are systematically killing the industry"said Amir Moussavian, head of the app provider OurPact "New York Times".

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Apple replied that it was not about business, but about security. There are many extremely successful applications in the App Store that offer functions and services that are also offered by Apple itself. "We are committed to providing a place for these apps to grow as they improve the usability for everyone."

Sources used: dpa news agency

More than two years ago, Apple started a large patent dispute with the chip specialist Qualcomm. Now there is an agreement. What is known about the conditions.

Apple and the chip company Qualcomm have settled their patent dispute, which lasted more than two years. All mutual lawsuits will be dropped, the companies announced on Tuesday. Apple will make a payment to Qualcomm, it said. No amount was given. In addition, a patent agreement will initially be concluded for six years. The conditions were not communicated.

The settlement came shortly after a major trial began in California that played a central role in the dispute. Apple accused Qualcomm of demanding too high licenses for its patents and hindering competition. Qualcomm countered with the accusation that technologies invented by the company were used in Apple devices without a patent license.

Apple’s contract manufacturers stopped paying Qualcomm in 2017. The chip company put the lost revenue including interest at seven billion dollars.

Court surprised by agreement

The trial, which began in San Diego on Monday, concerns a lawsuit filed by Apple in 2017. The court had just managed to select nine jurors on the first day, and Apple lawyers were running statements on Tuesday when the agreement was surprisingly announced .

The process was scheduled to take four to five weeks. It was expected that various top managers such as Apple boss Tim Cook and Qualcomm boss Steve Mollenkopf would be called to the stand.argumentative essay

Among other things, Apple was bothered by the fact that Qualcomm demanded a share of the device price for the patent licenses instead of just the price of individual components. The chip company is thus benefiting unjustifiably from price increases that can be traced back to Apple’s own inventions. In addition, Qualcomm refuses to grant chip competitors such as Intel patent licenses. Qualcomm countered that since it is about a portfolio of patents for many different technologies, it is appropriate to use the price of the device for the calculation of the licenses.

Agreement helps Apple in 5G business

The settlement now provides that the six-year patent deal can be extended for a further two years. There is also a multi-year agreement for chip deliveries. This gives Apple an opportunity to offer faster devices for the new, super-fast 5G data transmission. Qualcomm leads the way when it comes to chips.

Qualcomm executives have repeatedly stated that they believed the dispute would end in a settlement. Apple had been combative until the very end.

Qualcomm was able to obtain a ban on the sale of some older iPhone in Germany in its lawsuits last December. Apple got around it by the fact that the communication chips in the devices sold in this country come from Qualcomm instead of Intel. 

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 Qualcomm is best known as a leading supplier of smartphone chips, patent licenses are the second – and more lucrative – pillar for the group. Qualcomm’s business model is already under pressure: In January there was a lawsuit against the US trade authority FTC accusing Qualcomm of unfair competition through patent licenses as a prerequisite for chip deliveries. This procedure is not decided by a jury, but by a judge, her verdict is still pending.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Apple is well on its way to overcoming the drop in iPhone sales over the Christmas period. At the end of the first quarter, the situation improved significantly, said Apple boss Tim Cook on Tuesday.

The iPhone sales fell year-on-year by 17.3 percent to a good 31 billion dollars (27.7 billion euros). The numbers turned out better than analysts expected and there was a $ 75 billion share buyback. The result: the price increased significantly despite the poor numbers.

Quarterly sales fell 5 percent year-on-year to $ 58 billion, but were above the analysts’ forecasts, which had assumed about $ 55 billion. Apple was already affected by a decline in iPhone sales, especially in China, in the Christmas quarter of 2018. That had raised concerns about the demand for smartphones. The iPhone is by far the most important Apple product and still accounts for more than half of the business. Apple no longer mentions the number of units sold, only sales.

The decline in iPhone sales in the past quarter was completely due to the development in so-called growth markets in emerging and developing countries, Apple said. Counteract this with price reductions and buy-back offers for old devices and this is showing an effect.

Apple CEO Tim Cook presenting new products. At the beginning of the year, Apple shocked the stock market with bad numbers for the past Christmas business. Photo: Tony Avelar / AP.

Share rose at times by five percent 

The Apple business in China shrank in the past quarter from a good 13 billion dollars in the previous year to 10.2 billion dollars and thus more slowly than in the Christmas quarter. The reduction in sales tax in the country from 16 to 13 percent also contributed to this, said Cook.

Earnings for the second fiscal quarter ended March fell 15.7 percent year over year to $ 11.56 billion. In after-hours trading, the share rose temporarily by five percent in view of the exceeded expectations and the share buyback. The forecast for the current quarter was also higher than expected by analysts.

In the iPad business, sales increased from around 4 to 4.87 billion dollars within one year. Apple now has a new model of the more expensive iPad Pro on offer. More than half of the iPad buyers in the past quarter would have bought an Apple tablet for the first time, stressed Cook.

Make more money with existing customers

The service business, which includes the streaming service Apple Music as well as the proceeds from the App Store and the storage service iCloud, grew from 9.85 to 11.45 billion dollars. Apple now has 390 million subscription customers in various services and wants to break the 500 million mark in 2020. The services are seen as a way to make more money with existing customers.

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With the Apple Watch and the AirPods wireless earphones, Apple is the most successful manufacturer of so-called wearables. The division with these devices increased sales from 3.9 to 5.13 billion dollars. The Mac computers meanwhile fell from $ 5.8 billion to $ 5.5 billion, which, according to the company, was triggered by bottlenecks in chip deliveries.

Sources used: dpa news agency

When it comes to payment systems, Apple and Google are currently dominating. The Bundesbank criticizes this fact – and calls for a European alternative.

This is how the Google Images reverse search works
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The Bundesbank is emphatically calling for a European alternative to the American payment options for shopping by smartphone and on the Internet. "As the Bundesbank, we cannot be indifferent when large technology groups such as Apple, Google, Paypal and Amazon are increasingly taking over customer relationships and the banks are only left with the role of payment processor in the background"said Bundesbank board member Burkhard Balz the "World on Sunday".

According to Balz, the Bundesbank therefore supports the idea of ​​a European payment solution as an alternative to the large credit card companies and technology groups. However, the banks would have to implement these themselves. "My appeal to the industry is: Think about which products you will use to access Apple’s offers & Co. want to answer"said courtship.

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If the banks were only to play a minor role in the future, this would have significant effects on competition and the structure of the banking system from the point of view of the Bundesbank executive board responsible for payments. "If there is a loss of earnings at the banks, the question also arises of what this could mean for financial stability."

Sources used: Reuters news agency

Berlin (dpa-infocom) – For "Tropico" it’s an eventful week. The iOS game has to leave the top ten best-selling iPhone games. In contrast, it was able to improve by one place in the charts of the iPad games.

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In the game, iOS users slip into the role of a freshly elected leader who has to modernize the eponymous nation. Tropico has tons of resources and great potential that needs to be exploited. When "El Presidente" The players manage all areas of public life, build roads and buildings, lead the military and boost trade.

The game is similar "HORSE CLUB" from. Here, however, you don’t have to run a whole country, but a horse farm. With Hannah, Lisa, Sarah and Sofia the players experience an exciting adventure in which they feed and care for horses, explore new places and gain a broad knowledge about the powerful animals. Horse fun remains in tenth place among the best-selling iPad games.

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Best-selling iPhone games

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